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Friday, July 29, 2011

Totus Tuus 2011

Moe and Buttercup had an amazing time at Totus Tuus this week.

The "end of the week" water fun....has always been their favorite part.

A fire truck was brought in for the occasion......to give everyone a cooling off spray......which was very much welcomed as the temperature was high and the sun was out in full force.  A perfect summer day.

Nacho was "all in" when he saw the fire truck.  He started playing in the fun even though he didn't attend the week's activities.

He found  a soggy doggy that was as wet as he was.

Moe loved running and sliding into the mud that was being made as the water turned the ground wet.....actually football field ground....this is the exact spot that Rocky started practicing this week!
Moe's enthusiam for the week matched his exhuberant jumps!!

He was especially excited to be able to make a "human sundae" out of the seminarians who were the leaders throughout the week.  Moe's group was chosen as a reward for their excellence during the week's classroom time.  He picked the job of spraying the whipped cream....right after the chocolate and strawberry sauce had been poured,

Totus Tuus......Latin for "Totally Yours!"

"Lord prepare me,
To be a Sanctuary,
Pure and Holy,
Tried and True...
With Thanksgiving,
I'll be a Living,
Sanctuary...For You!!"

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