Welcome to Prarie Pi. This blog exists to journal and document the memories that our family experiences. Pi is "an amount of type that has been jumbled or thrown together at random." We hope to assemble in words and pictures the daily thoughts and activities that happen in our household. We do this to help those that are distant from us get a glimpse into our days so that the miles that separate us won't keep us apart.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Dear Mr. Old Man Winter,

We are ready for you to come and see us. Our family has been told (warned) of your impending visit and we'd just like to say how welcome you are to whirl and swirl and stop on by. This is a good time of year for you to come as we are usually expecting you. It's best that you come now rather than early spring.

We are more than prepared as we've been warming ourselves up with fresh bread from the bread maker and home-made soup. It almost makes makes us feel extra cozy knowing that you are blowing in and will be hanging around outside.

Other people know that you are coming too, as we've had 2 basketball practices cancelled for tomorrow night already in anticipation of your arrival. We stocked up on milk and chocolate to warm up and enjoy after time spent with you up close and personal.
We also have a 500 piece puzzle to conquer, board games to play, books to read and schoolwork to work on in hopes that we won't leave the house for 2 days.

Now that we've heard you are coming, don't disappoint us.
See you tomorrow!



P.S. Leave lots of your white, fluffy stuff around our yard. We are looking for some good old fashioned drifts to dig tunnels in.
And, we also picked up all the toys outside the house today knowing that you might come. We didn't want you hiding everything until spring.

Non-Action Shots

Oh yeah, and a thank-you to Ky and Rocky for helping me get better at taking my still shots.
In all fairness, both boys just got back from playing basketball, so they had their excercise and were enjoying their week-end slot of video game time.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Action Shots

This afternoon, I tried out different settings on my new camera in an effort to get better on taking action shots.
Moe willingly participated as my action model.

Spinning the basketball on his finger.


Push up with a clap in the air.
Ready, set, go......


jumping hurdles.....

....setting a Kinect record.
Good way to end the Sunday!
Have a great week!

Friday, January 28, 2011


I can't decide which hair-do is the sweetest right now.....

the..... "I've been playing outside in the snow--

and I just took my beanie off"

the..."I just got out of the bath tub...the soft, silky, sweet smelling edition."
BOTH looks tend to make me smile!
Have a great week-end!
Hope everyone is having a great hair day!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Picture Archives

Last week of January......
2007--4 years ago

2008--3 years ago

2009--2 years ago
100th Day of School Celebration

2010--1 year Ago
Nothing new going on here today in 2011. It's a beautiful, ordinary, average day. We had a nice, gentle snowfall all morning. Coco took a long morning nap. I gave 4 spelling tests. Mark is extra busy at work with a big deadline tomorrow. Nacho has spent quite a bit of time today with his Tonka Crane. Buttercup is going to wrap a birthday present this afternoon for a party she has been invited to on Saturday.....she also gets to attend her 1st basketball teaching session that day and she has dubbed Saturday a "great day" already. Ky just received information in the mail today regarding registration for the high school he will attend in the fall. We have an appointment next month to officially enroll him. Rocky got an A on his math test today. Moe found a "Better Basketball" video and is spending lots of time in the basement perfecting his dribbling. He can now spin the ball on his pointer finger for as long as he wants.
Nothing spectacular to report, but yet, all so very spectacular to me. I love these days........as I look back at the other pictures of previous years, I see how fast time goes......and I am so glad and thankful that I have the opportunity to have front and center viewing for all of our family's daily activities.
Have a wonderful Thursday!

Monday, January 24, 2011


Coco was wearing her birthday dress with a fluffy tutu around it yesterday and when Nacho saw her, he said, "Coco, you look very pretty-ful." (pretty + beautiful) I think he just coined a new word!!
Blesssings on your Monday!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Game

I attended just one out of the 9 basketball games we had again this week-end. Ky and Rocky headed out out of town with Mark. The kids and I ventured out to a local game to watch Moe in action.
Most everyone was dressed in anticipation for another big Sunday game. Lots of orange/blue and green/yellow out there!

Moe in action....boxing out.

Moe in action.....shooting a free-throw.

Moe is action.....driving it to the hoop.
(Blury action....I'm still trying to perfect my action shots with my new camera.)
Moe did a great job......just put him "in action" and he's a happy boy!
Hope you had a great week-end!
Go Bears?
Go Packers?
I haven't stepped over into either territory yet....I'm still neutral.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Winter Saturday

How do we pass the time when Mark and the 3 oldest boys go off to an all day basketball tournamnent AND it's very cold outside AND Buttercup isn't feeling the best?
We read and put some apples on our heads....
"Look! See, now.
I can hop
with four apples
up on top."
"Look! Ten apples up on top!
We are not going to let them drop!"

And snuggle.
Looks like there is room under that blanket for me.
With a napping 1-year old, I'm off to relax the Saturday afternoon away!
Stay Warm!

Friday, January 21, 2011

{this moment}

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. Photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you're inspired to do the same, visit Soulemama to leave a link to your 'moment' in the comments for all to find and see.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sledding Fun

The recent, new snow put us in the mood to check out a close-by sledding hill.
The conditions were perfect and we had the hill to ourselves.
I was watching the kids go down and I caught Rocky on film combining his sledding with a little game of his own. I'll let the pictures to the talking.......
Rocky=Top of hill
Moe=In front of Rocky already on his way down

Rocky=Gaining momentum and eyeing his target
Moe=Enjoying his trip downhill

No one was hurt in the filming of this sequence!
Such goes a day in the life with boys!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finger-Lickin' Good

On Monday, we received some beautiful, fresh, white, fluffy snow. It came down continuously all day and the temperatures remained in the 30's.
Great day to play outside.....
.... and that is just what our winter-loving 3-year old did.

Little sister watched from the deck doors.....

....looking beyond the fun of big brother's toys...into the mesmerizing glitter of the flakes falling in front of her. It was a clear view.....as I had opened the sliding glass door so she could get a closer look.

She seemed to need my approval before checking things out.
(Or, she was probably waiting for me to go and get her a snowsuit.)

First, a dainty little tap with the foot.

Then, big sister comes along and gently cups a handful of snow so that little sister can feel it up close.

Now, Coco tries it herself......
.....feeling the sensations of wet, fluff and cold.

Trying it again.....

....this time to see if it has any taste.

Trying it yet again.....

....to share it with big brother, Nacho.

Coco thoroughly enjoyed her morning snack......

and ran back....

.....for one last taste of winter before Mom closed the door.
With all this snow, we're headed for the sledding hill today!
Have a wonderful Tuesday!