Welcome to Prarie Pi. This blog exists to journal and document the memories that our family experiences. Pi is "an amount of type that has been jumbled or thrown together at random." We hope to assemble in words and pictures the daily thoughts and activities that happen in our household. We do this to help those that are distant from us get a glimpse into our days so that the miles that separate us won't keep us apart.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Back In The Saddle

Rocky had his last football game this past week-end.

Today is only Tuesday....
...and he already misses it.
Rocky had a great season and was a force to be reckoned with.
Good job, Rocky...can't wait for next year!

I had a good view from where I was standing at the top of the bleachers....I could see the football game, but also turn around the other way and see the kids playing and enjoying a nice, fall day.
Moe had fun practicing his punts...
...and playing catch with Grandpa S.
Nacho was captivated...

....and had fun.....

....playing with the tackle dummy!!

I think he got the best of the Big Blue Guy....

....when all was said and done!
Buttercup enjoyed the open grass...
...and did summersaults....

..to her heart's content...
...even trying to toss a football up in the air...then quickly do a summersault.....and catch the ball as she stood up again....all before the ball touched the ground.
Didn't quite work, but she gave it a try!
Half-time snacks are always a treat...

....and so is having your very own sidekick....

....who always seemed to have her eyes on Papa and waited for him to follow her wherever she wanted needed to go.

Thanks for coming Grandpa and Grandma S.....
We appreciate all your help!
Come again soon!
We are back from a 2 week blogging break!! During that time we experienced technical difficulties with a computer virus. It took a toll, but we are now back in the saddle with one new computer. Tonight, I am trying a new program that allows me to publish my pictures easier than I did before. I am pretty sure everyone should be able to leave a comment now that our infected computer is gone. I think the virus was to blame for taking away that option. If you have a moment, please try and leave a comment so I know everything is working!
Thanks, Sara


  1. I missed you! I am happy you and your camera are back. The day looked wonderful: sunny and warm and fun!


  2. I was WONDERING!! Now it makes sense!

  3. Missed you guys too! G was looking for her Buttercup fix :)