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Monday, November 7, 2011

Sock Hopping

Nothing like the feeling of getting new socks.....and wearing them for the first time.
Nacho's day started our with slides all over the kitchen floor.....Tom Cruise style...I could almost hear...
....."Old Time Rock and Roll" playing in the background!

It was a nice, windless day....which made it easy to be outside....
...practicing touchdown leaps.
Guess who....can you tell by the socks?  He was light on his feet all day!  Didn't take those socks off for a minute.
More touchdown leaps...
...and, of course, touchdown leaps need to be practiced WHILE trying to catch the football.
Moe, the carnival games leader, led a potato sack race sans the potato sacks.....
....but, they made the garbage sacks work.
Nacho won first place in the race.....must have been the socks!

Those socks just kept him hopping!

NOTE TO SELF:  I have to get me some of dem der socks!

Have a great week!

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