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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bowling, Apples and Goodie's

We went bowling last week-end, and Buttercup's first throw of the day.....
ended up hitting the checkered wall!!  We had a good laugh.


...tended to use body movements to urge his ball in the direction he wanted it to go!

Moe's name was consistantly on the leader board.

In the end, we attributed his wins to his bowling shoes.....he found them at the bottom of a closet in his grandparent's house.
They were once used by Grandma H......

....and he was bowling at the bowling alley that Grandma H. used to bowl at...
no wonder it was such a recipe for success!


Speaking of recipes.....we had fun actively participating in the making of an apple pie. 
First, we climbed to the top of an apple tree to get the ripe apples that were ready to go.

Some climbed higher than others.....good thing, too, as the nice fat ones were way up  high.

Then, it was time to pick the ripe ones off the ground.

Next, we watched Grandma H. role the pie crust...
...and then we watched Grandpa H. peel, slice and core the apples...

...all at the same time.

Then it was time to cut the slices into the pie pan...

...and in the end, I didn't get a picture of the final result, but the pies turned out delcious!!

I DID get a picture of Grandma Jo's birthday cake that she made for Buttercup!
It was delicious, too 
This is Buttercup dressed up as a pioneer girl....the dress was a birthday present from Grandma Jo and Grandpa Wes.

This is a picture of Grandpa's Goody Box.......in the state of being opened!
SURPRISE.....there are no goodies inside.....just an explosion waiting to scare whomever tries to take a goody

I guess we have to go find the goodies in the cupboards, fridge and freezers....the kids know all the spots to look!
Not all goodies are to be eaten......the IPAD is a fun "goody" to do!
We Had Fun On Our Trip!

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