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Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Sights, Smells and Sounds....

.......of  Thanksgiving were all around us today!

I had fun WATCHING this friendly flag football game with the neighbors.....

...and I saw Buttercup score her first touchdown!

She was also tough on defense...

...and Nacho got a "kick" out of playing, too!

Moe was all time offense, so he was automatically on the winning team!
Good strategy!

Coco played on the swings...
But, I do believe it might be one of her last opportunties to go barefoot outside until Spring!

As the football game was played, we could SMELL this turkey grilling on the patio....

...and when it was done, it was served with all the usual side dishes that compliment a turkey so well!  Buttercup set the table and Nacho and Moe gathered and created a wonderful center piece using what they could find outside.  The table looked perfect!

After the Thanksgiving meal, I could HEAR Mark wish his parents and brother a "Happy Thanksgiving!"  Coco was happy to remind her grandparents that she is still "3!"

I am very thankful that all my senses witnessed so many blessings today!

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