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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Basketball Birthday

Nacho's 7th birthday....
...started off with our family going to church and then as soon as we got home......Nacho wanted to get the party started.  He opened his first gift and it was his favorite.......NIKE Elite socks....
....and they haven't come off his feet since.

Nacho went to Moe's basketball game that morning and then in the afternoon, the whole gang was together!
Nacho picked pizza and ice cream cake for his party food....
...and enjoyed blowing out candles on his 2nd cake!
He had a separate cookie cake for lunch.

 (Actually, it was the 3rd cake if you count Grandma Jo's cake from the birthday celebration 2 days before!)

A new basketball hoop (in the background) was a big hit and the baskeball pinata was a "hit," too!!

Happy Birthday to our amazing 7 year old!
We love you!

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