Welcome to Prarie Pi. This blog exists to journal and document the memories that our family experiences. Pi is "an amount of type that has been jumbled or thrown together at random." We hope to assemble in words and pictures the daily thoughts and activities that happen in our household. We do this to help those that are distant from us get a glimpse into our days so that the miles that separate us won't keep us apart.

Friday, July 30, 2010


Moe: Mom, are you getting used to the house?
Mom: Yes, I am. It's starting to feel like home. How about you, Moe, are you getting used to the house?
Moe: Yeah, I'm getting used to it, too.
Mom: Do you like your new house?
Moe: Yep, I'll take the 3-Year-Free-Trial-Offer-plan.


  1. Just got all caught up on my Hardie news. Scott, Joe and I are spending the week in STL getting caught up on our sight seeing. We will see a Cards game sunday. Not against the arch rivals, the Cubs, but we cant have everything!

    Keep posting. I love reading, though I don't always post, and I don't know if you can tell who is visiting.


  2. Oh Moe...funny as always!

  3. Sounds like our Moe - he's got it right!!!!!