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Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Sunday Drive, Sunday Walk, and a Sunday Ride

We are excited that Grandpa and Grandma H. made the trip to come and visit us!!!
They arrived to an excited group of kids on Friday night.
Saturday found us working.....getting moving boxes out of the basement and cleaning and rearranging the garage. My refrigerator is also very shiny....inside and out right now!!
But, today, found us all taking on a slower pace. The afternoon was mild so we went out for a Sunday drive. It was a nice break from watching the Vikings....as when we left, the score was not in the Viking's favor and looked like they would be facing yet another loss.

It's always fun to try out new parks....

check out new scenery....

and see if the fish are biting.
Even if Rocky didn't get a nibble.....all luck was not lost....
We came home with 2 boxes of pizza and sat and finished the football game that was saved to the DVR......and, to our amazement.....a Vikings win!!

A Sunday Walk
Coco is getting more steady,
more consistent,

more sure-footed....

and more excited about walking!!

A Sunday Ride

Grandma H. brought along a birthday cake for Buttercup to celebrate being 7.......
being 7 has found her with two loose, upper teeth and growing a few inches which was why....
....receiving a shiny, new, pink bike for a gift was perfect as her old one was just getting too small.
So, today we set out on a walk/ride to try it out.....

......she rode around the neighborhood and we checked out all the leaf piles!!!

And, having a gorgeous, November day to ride that bike.....
......another perfect gift for this girl!!

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  1. I cleaned my fridge the other day and thought of you and wished I had my own Grandma H.! Coco and Buttercup look so happy! Thanks for the Monday morning photo fix!