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Monday, February 7, 2011

One Tough Bug

It's in the eyes.........

...that's how I know when my kids are sick.........
I can always tell by their eyes. It's foolproof.
There is no doubt about it......we were hit pretty hard. This bug has already overstayed it's unwelcomed visit.
  • Mark came home early Friday and didn't work today. He already plans on working from home tomorrow.
  • I feel stronger everyday but have kept a low grade temperature.
  • Ky spiked a fever 6 nights in a row. That might be a new family record.
  • Rocky was EXCITED to go to bed tonight by 8pm. Enough said.
  • Moe has been fighting the same fever, aches, chills as the rest of us......but tells me each day that he is "fine." He answers that way in hopes that I will allow him to go to basketball practice. I tried to explain to him that he needs to be fever free so that he won't pass the flu to other kids. His reply was, "Ok, I'm feeling good right now, I'm just not ready to go public yet."
  • Buttercup started this whole thing a week ago today. She had a great day today......so, I'm thinking 1 full week is a good time-line to judge how long it takes to feel somewhat back to normal.
  • Nacho was very droopy today. Not too much animation coming from him.......unless you count the........HACKING COUGH that seems to be the final stage for ALL of us. I have a feeling that we might be dealing with it for awhile.
  • Coco has been wonderful!!! Only a runny nose to date. We are so thankful for the protection she has been given.
These days have been filled with TLC and rest....
  • Our routines have been shaken and our outside commitments have had to fall by the wayside.
  • At first, it felt like a huge, huge inconvenience.....to be so sick.....and with so many of us sick. Seemed like such a waste of time......there was so much more we could have accomplished had we not been sick.
  • Slowly but surely, the pace will start picking up again.
  • When I look back at this time, I don't think I'll remember the loads of laundry that didn't get done......or the kitchen with the sticky floor that had constant dishes stacked in it.....or even how awful this flu could make you feel.
  • I will remember the small acts of kindness that everyone did to make each day seem less cold. Less achy.
  • Whether it be fetching an extra blanket........filling another glass of ice water........getting up from a warm position to turn up the heat......
  • I saw glimpes of our family growing in compassion.
Time was not wasted at all.

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