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Monday, February 21, 2011

School Days

Today was a ordinary, homeschool day. Simple and quiet.......a regular Monday with our regular routine. We worked on assignments as planned and stayed inside and avoided the icy weather.
Moe read and journaled a chapter from "The Long Winter," by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Our winter doesn't seem so long when you compare it to the winter that the Ingalls family experienced that particular year in De Smet, SD!!!

Moe and Rocky made a cloud for science.

Rocky also has been reading excerpts from famous speeches and finding noun clauses in each of the writings.

Ky studied sound wave and frequency today and just finished up a history chapter about the Crusades. He went to a Speed and Agility session tonight for baseball and has been enjoying the work-outs.

Buttercup has been working on fractions in math and enjoyed reading the story of Abraham from her religion book. She was amazed at his faith.....a faith that made Abraham obedient to the point of almost sacrificing his own son. As soon as Mark came home for lunch, she ran up to him right away and repeated the story she had heard that morning. It was fun to witness such excitement.

We had pancakes and bacon for lunch today. A special treat on a weekday. This meal is usually reserved for a week-end treat.

Moe was pushing Coco around on a chair today for her entertainment. I warned him that she could easily fall forward off the chair and get hurt.

A short while later, Moe returned with a home-made seatbelt and the game continued on with Coco safe and secured!!

I love my job!!!
Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Sara:

    You can't help loving your job with the troopers you got.
    Keep up the great job.

    Grandpa Wes