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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Decision Made Easy

Mark and I have been wrestling with a decision all year.  Should we replace the white carpet in our house that is not so white anymore?  Or do we wait a year or two...clean it every few months and get a little more "wear and tear" out of it?  Do we live with what we have?  Or change it up to a more "family friendly" color. (DARKER!) 
Well, today we made up our minds.

It all started when....

.....we hired painters to reach the high up areas in our house...mainly the vaulted ceilings in the entry way.  The painters gave us such a great price, we decided to have them do the bonus room bedroom and all of the exterior.
I really wanted to do an accent color on one of the walls, so I brought home 3 different samples of blue and tried them all.
Didn't choose any of them and the whole room is now Woodstock Tan.

Today, as we were cleaning the freshly painted room......I tried to give all three of the sample paint containers over to Rocky so he could take them down the basement.....and one started to slip from my hands......

Not only did it slip.....but the lid was not twisted tightly on top.

 The question that has plagued us for over a year..."Do we replace the carpet sooner or later?"
Decision has been made......and very easily I might add.
It will be replaced sooner.
Hope you are enjoying your week-end!!!

P.S.  Moe is starting to like it.....he thinks it is a work of art and it is adding a little character to his room.
Maybe we will wait....

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