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Friday, August 27, 2010

The Case of the Failed Anchor Bolts

Remember this project? I had promised a picture of it in it's completed stage...ooohhh....about a month ago?

The case of the failed anchor bolts was heard today by Judge Sara. The Contractor (a.k.a. Dad) and the Engineer (a.k.a. Dad) are being sued by the basketball players of the house for liquidated damages due to non compliance of the completion date. Approximately 10 days of basketball skill attainment were lost due to the delay in the project completion date.
The following transcript of the trial:
Judge Sara : Who is to blame for this mess?
Contractor: I simply built it according to the plans and specifications as provided by the engineer.
Engineer: The contractor is supposed to be experienced in pouring concrete and should have realized something wasn't right with the concrete. In short, he should have known better. He could have corrected the problem before the concrete hardened.
Contractor: If your so smart, why didn't you say something?
Engineer: I can't control the contractors means and methods. My job is to make sure the contractor follows the intent of the plans and specs.
Judge Sara: Do you know how ridiculous you look arguing with yourself? This is the easiest case I've ever heard......You are both guilty!
Contractor: Yes, dear.
Engineer: Yes, dear.
(written by the engineer/contractor)
Final Product


  1. hysterical. What damages were awarded?

  2. that old saying "garbage in-garbage out"!! Its looking now the way it should be!!