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Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Day With Thomas

Nacho loves to play with Thomas the Train.
So, I couldn't turn down the opportunity for him to have a close up encounter with his favorite toy.
Just the three little ones, the August heat, the high humidity, about 6,000 other Thomas fans and me.

We rode a passenger car that was built in 1923, bounced in a bouncy house after a long wait in line, drank lots and lots of lemonade, watched a marionette puppet show, shopped for just the perfect Thomas souvenir, and.....

saw Thomas!!!

Trains and 3 year old boys go hand and hand.
After sharing the day with my young ones and watching Nacho's excitement, I don't know if the day was more of a treat for them...........or for me!


  1. Tell N that I wanted to see Thomas, too!

    It is great to see your kid's "dreams" coming true!


  2. Hey - Thomas looks pretty neat!!!! I told Lonna and Bee about your trip and Bee wants to see the pictures too.