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Monday, January 3, 2011

SnOw much fun!

Christmas Day Snow in South Dakota.
Featherly Light.
Snow that said, "Come play in me."

And, so we did!!
It helped that Cousin David had some fun toys to play with!

A few days later found us at the sledding hill that both Mark and I used to go to when we were younger.
It is a golf course for 3 seasons......
a sledding hangout in the off-season.

We borrowed some sleds....

and created some....

great memories!!!
All the snow here disappeared with a rain shower the day after we got back from our vacation.
So, we are waiting patiently for January to bring us some more white fun!
I'm sure Mother Nature will not disappoint those who are wishing for it!!
Have a wonderful Tuesday!
P.S. Thanks to Rory and Lisa for the sleds.....keep them handy for next Christmas!

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