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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Baseball----Behind the Scenes

Moe, Buttercup, Nacho, Coco and I went to Ky's baseball game today.

I watched some baseball, but I also enjoyed a simply beautiful spring day.

While Ky and his team warmed up, we were warming up too.....sitting on a blanket and soaking up the sun's rays......

enjoying our first picnic of the year. I watched Ky get a walk to first base, but I also saw Coco walk all over..... loving the freedom of having no walls around her.

I saw a girl hanging from the monkey bars today, but I didn't see any hanging curve balls from Ky's pitching.......he had a few great strike-outs as he allowed no runs during his time on the mound.

Moe had the best seat in the house......

watching from up high as the team played the field......

but watching up close as the team batted as he has become the official "bat boy."

My first baseball game of the year....... Yep, spring has definitely sprung.

Have a wonderful week,


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