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Monday, April 4, 2011

Week-End Activities

While Mark and the three older boys were.....

in St. Louis, MO enjoying sun, baseball, 85 degree weather and.....

winning a 2nd place trophy.....

I was at home with visions of paint colors......

.....dancing through my head. Dancing so much that it made me dizzy! The whole family had plans to go to St. Louis together, but because Coco had been sick all week and Nacho was catching the same viral, croupy illness, I decided to stay home. Grandpa was also going to be home alone this week-end, so he decided to come visit us and start "The Great Household Painting Project." We have all white walls and white wood-work throughout our whole house. Little by little, we have plans to change all that whiteness. We got a wonderful start and our family room looks so fresh and clean and...... colorful.....not so stark white anymore.
Grandpa also got the kitchen and dining room taped and ready to paint, but because I wasn't able to decide on just the right color, Mark and I will have to finish these rooms without his painting expertise. The color I intend to pick out will also be painted through the rest of the downstairs and upstairs, so I want it to be just right.

It was wonderful to have Grandpa here. It was a memorable week-end. We listened and sang along to "Malt Shoppe Oldies" while Grandpa worked and I stared at the walls and snuggled with sick kids...........waiting for the perfect color inspiration. Watching paint dry can be fun.....it was the perfect, slower paced week-end activity for me! Oh yeah, and a few extra Starbucks trips mixed in there, too!

Have a colorful, wonderful week!


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