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Saturday, October 16, 2010

3-Year Old Logic

Nacho: (very politely) Mommy, can I have one of those cookies over there? (referring to the chocolate chip cookies out on the kitchen counter)
Mommy: (bouncing baby daughter to sleep) No, you may not, but we will be having lunch very soon and you can have one for dessert.
Nacho: (with more urgency in his voice) Please, I really want one of those cookies over there. I WANT ONE.
Mommy: I'm sorry, Nacho, but those are for dessert and you need to eat your lunch first. It is almost time for lunch....it won't be long.

Nacho walks away only to return 1 minute later.

Nacho: I really, really want a cookie now, can I have one?
Mommy: No. No cookies until after lunch.

Nacho walks away and returns 4 minutes later.

Nacho: Did you see that?
Mommy: See what?
Nacho: (a little louder) Did you see that?
Mommy: (having no clue) Did I see what?
Nacho: Did you see me eat that cookie over there? (pointing to the next room) I ate a cookie over there.....did you see me?
Mommy: No, I didn't see you at all.
Nacho: (looking pretty excited) So, you didn't see me then?
Mommy: No, I didn't see you.
Nacho (a slow, happy smile starting across his face) Ok, good.

Nacho then runs out of the room very happy with himself. Life is good.....he got his cookie and mommy didn't know.
Mommy is left thinking.....do I discipline? Naw, that was just way too cute. I'll let him get away with it this time!!

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  1. That has made my day! I need more preschoolers in my life!