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Friday, October 1, 2010

Mail Time.....Take 2

I just got a package....
I just got a package.....
I just got a package.....
I wonder who it's from?!!
It's from Alice!!

My mom mentioned in her post last Friday that there is nothing like getting a handwritten note in the mail, well.......there is really, really, really nothing like getting....cookies in the mail!!
It was so much fun!

I shared my birthday cookies with my brothers and sister......they were so good!

Coco especially loved them!
Dear Alice: (and her baking helpers)
Thank you so much for the special birthday care package......
I loved it!
It made my day extra special. I wish you could celebrate with me on Saturday.
I remember meeting you exactly 1 year ago!


  1. Happy birthday, Buttercup!

    "Yesterday is history Tomorrow is mystery Today is a gift." - Eleanor Roosevelt

    Have a good year!


  2. I'm glad they made it safely!! It was difficult to keep paws off that stack at our house, but once they knew they were for their favorite 7-year old, they restrained themselves. Happy Bday, Buttercup! How did you celebrate?

  3. P.S. I love Nathan's haircut! What a handsome guy!