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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tie Knot

We found ourselves in a dilemma this morning.......
Ky tried out and made it on the nearby Jr. High 8th grade basketball team and the coach asked the team to dress up in shirt and tie on game days.
Today is a game day.
Now, here was the problem....
Dad went to work this morning and wouldn't be home until late, late tonight.
Ky needed to have a tie tied and neither of us knew the steps to accomplish this task.
My first thought was to ask a neighbor up the street and my second thought was to load up the kids in their pajamas and drive to Dad's office before he left town for a meeting at 8:30am.
I quickly decided upon the latter and ran upstairs quickly to get dressed for the mad dash to the office.....
and then a few mintues later.....
in walks Ky, perfectly dressed in his shirt and tie.....the tie was correctly put around his neck in exact detail..

I looked at him amazed and asked him how he did it........
His answer.............http://www.tie-a-tie.net/
He learned from a French-accented man in about 2.2 minutes.
Now, it's time to cheer for basketball!!
Kyler went from being a Warrior to a Viking!!
Have a super Thursday!


  1. LOL! We have done that too when our "good-for-nutin'" dad was not available to tie! Works like a charm. He looks great!

  2. Hey Ky
    Look up on computer, half windsor that will make you look even sharper!!

    Great job

  3. wow - you look so handsome in the shirt and tie - bet it would look even better if i could see your face - look forward to seeing your BB games soon