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Monday, September 13, 2010

Grandfather's Wrinkles

Tonight, Buttercup and I went to our local library to meet Richard McFarland, the illustrator of the children's book Grandfather's Wrinkles.
This book is about a little girl who points to her grandfather's wrinkles and asks how he got each of them. The grandfather then explains to her that he received each wrinkle from different times in his life that he had great big smiles on his face.....such as his wedding day, the birth and marriage of his daughter and different memories from his life.......and his biggest wrinkle came the day that his grand-daughter was born.

We especially like this book because the illustrations of the little girl in the story look like Buttercup and the grandfather's daughter resembles me when I was a little girl and as an adult.

We received a signed copy. Mr. McFarland wrote in it to "Enjoy your wrinkles."
When I read the book to Buttercup tonight, she informed me that I had a few wrinkles when I smiled, so I guess that means I've had a few happy memories in my life!
Enjoy your wrinkles!!



    I can't wait until you can count all the wringles on my face. I just hope that I can remember which wringle I got when I first seen you. I think its one of my longest wrinkles.
    I sure do miss your pony tail! I fell in love with a pony tail.....

    Grandpa Wes

  2. It's at the library here! We're going to pick it up today. Alice will be excited to read it and know that her good friend met the author!