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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sunset Jumping

This evening, we were outside enjoying the beautiful sunset. The air was cool, the kids were jumping on the trampoline and I could here the sound of geese flying somewhere close. I decided to capture the moment on camera........

....with my one goal of getting a picture of Buttercup and Moe as they played catch with the football while they were jumping......
....but, Nacho could sense that I was going for a particular shot and he just didn't want to be excluded.......

There always seemed to be a flash of orange somewhere in the picture.

"Hey, Nacho, I just want to get a picture of Moe and Buttercup playing catch real quick..."

"Oh, Ok sure....I'll get a picture of you."

"Yes, yes, I got your feet....those toesies are pretty cute."

"Yep, honey, I got you jumping, too."

....Holding my breath....

GOT IT!!!!
Hope you find a beautiful sunset to enjoy this week-end!!!
We have football and soccer games to go to.......

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  1. that last shot was fantastic - got them both in the air . Natcho is a "HAM"