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Monday, March 21, 2011

Give Me Grace--Monday

We found this book at the library. I grabbed it because it was written by one of my favorite authors........Cynthia Rylant. It is a "Child's Daybrook of Prayers" and I will quote from the book each day this week.......

and strive to make the words come alive in our daily life.

"Monday make me good and kind
to all creatures that I find.
Help me love God's whole creation.
Make my life a celebration." ~Cynthia Rylant

Monday is piano lesson day for Moe. We have a wonderful teacher who comes into our home and the whole family adores him. Moe has blossomed under his guidance and has just finished up Fur Elise and is working on a book of Ragtime songs.

As I am writing this entry, I can hear a bird chirping, so the kids and I just opened the window so we could hear it more clearly. It feels good to take a moment and really listen to how beautiful its sweet melody actually is.......a sound that can just get swirled in with the normal din of everyday living.

I hope today that we will recognize the celebration that is going on around us......
and that the unique mix of sounds that reach our ears each day won't just become a white noise that we take for granted.

~The birds chirping their springtime song~the imperfect playing of the piano music as the student gets ready for the teacher~ the playtime conversations of Nacho and Buttercup~ the sweet babbling talk of a one year old~the humming of the laundry machine as we wash and put away snow jackets and pants~
This is the harmony that is going on around me right now......All are beautiful vibrations and tones that blend together and contribute to the celebration of this day!!!

May your day be a celebration!

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  1. If Moe is going to work on Ragtime songs, I'll buy him a book of all the songs from "THE ENTERTAINER". And I'm waiting for him to learn THE MUSIC BOX DANCER.
    Keep up the good work everybody, I'm really impressed.