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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Give Me Grace--Saturday

Last week, we were very excited to get a package in the mail from our friend, Peggy. 2 years ago, she helped us create a beautiful, "happy" flower garden in our backyard.

In that envelope, we received the excitement to.........

turn this.........

into this!!

Saturday in early morn
make me thankful I was born.
Give my spirit peace within
Let each day with hope begin." ~ Cynthia Rylant

Seeds are such a wonderful portrayal of hope.
If we desire to plant those little, tiny specks of anticipated beauty, we will....in time.....drink from the goodness of what they will eventually become.

Thank you so much, Yardzilla!!
You don't know how much we miss running down the sidewalk to say "Hi" and visit with you as you work in your yard!

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  1. yardzilla misses the trips, too! Good luck in the new garden, buttercup!