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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Little Josephina

Buttercup loves to read the American Girl Doll series of books. We are on our second set....about a girl named Josephina who lived in 1824 in New Mexico. Buttercup had fun dressing like her on Friday. We have also read the Kirsten series, about a Minnesota farm girl who immigrated from Sweden in 1854. I've had just as much fun reading them to her as she has had listening to the stories!

As much as she likes reading the books, she adores pouring over the magazine that features the individual dolls. Each day she announces her favorite top 3 dolls, but the top 3 changes daily!!
We've been thinking about visiting the American Girl Doll store sometime soon......we'll see!
Happy Shrove Tuesday!!
We're having pancakes today!


  1. Buttercup was showing me her books and dolls - they are neat - where did you get an outfit that looks just like Josephina?

  2. Josephina is our very favorite because of her Catholic background! And the books are lovely. She is the only real AG doll my girls have owned. We are planning a visit to Chicago to see Patrick this summer, perhaps we can take the girls... on the el?